Acupuncture Training – Sharon Sauer on Treating the Shoulder

sharon sauer interview pic2

Trigger point expert Sharon Sauer shares decades of experience on treating the most common type of shoulder pain she sees; pain in the front of the shoulder. She explains how this is commonly caused by trigger points in the infraspinatus muscle, introduces some range of motion tests to help determine if the infraspinatus is the cause, and which part of ...

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Acupuncture Training – David Legge on Treating the Shoulder


I interview David Legge, getting his thoughts on the concept of Qi and his valuable insights on treating the shoulder. About the Guest David Legge is an author and senior practitioner of acupuncture. He has made valuable contributions to the field with his books on treating musculoskeletal pain and on elucidating the concept of the Jingjin. Books by the Guest ...

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Acupuncture Haemothorax


  Another article documenting an adverse effect of acupuncture has come out. This article describes a haemothorax that occured from acupuncture. So what’s the difference between a haemothorax and a pneumothorax? A haemothorax is a collection of blood in the plueral space vs a collection of air in the pleural space. The article mentions electro-acupuncture being used and also “intense ...

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The Spirit of Qi

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

Recently I heard someone comment that “spirit” is the root word of respire; to breath. Inspire, respire, expire, the root of all these words is the latin spiritus which meant/means breathing, spirit, wind or breeze, energy. Isn’t this weird? This sounds so similar to the idea of the Chinese word Qi. How about the Greek word pneuma? In ancient Greek ...

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Acupuncture for Satellite Trigger Points


Recently a colleague and I were discussing a problem that happens sometimes when doing trigger point work. You treat an area that is tight and tender, but the patient doesn’t improve. Or they will improve only temporarily. This is a broad topic but I want to address one aspect of this problem and try to address other aspects of it ...

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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine


A Step By Step Guide to Relieving Neck Pain About a month ago I wrenched my neck! I was laying on my back and had just woken up. I put my hand behind my head to prop it up a bit, planing on lingering in bed for a minute before I got up. With my fist behind my head I just turned ...

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Interview With Tom Bisio on Treating the Shoulder

tom bisio interview

This is the first in my “Expert’s Interview” series. Tom Bisio author of numerous books including Tooth From a Tiger’s Mouth and Zheng Gu Tui Na: A Chinese Medical Massage Textbook shares his insights on treating shoulder pain with acupuncture and Tui Na, Chinese medical massage. You can learn more about Tom at his websites and    

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Keep in Touch!

touch clay wheel

Over the years I have received thanks from many patients for this one simple action. They thank me for touching their forearm during the treatment. Some have expressed that they wished their “regular” doctor would touch them like that because it was so reassuring. I’ve had the same experience. Last time I went to the dentist, I thought it would ...

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